Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If you read this, it is because you are interested in telekinesis, right? So in this article is exactly that, telekinesis for beginners, so I will explain a little what is telekinesis and give you an exercise in practice to develop your extra sensory perception skills, which is what we used to feel the energy around it all . I just want to warn you that learning telekinesis is a long process, you need to develop skills and abilities that are completely new to you, so it will be time. If you are not patient, then this May not be for you. If you really want to learn or telekinesis, then read the rest.

So what is telekinesis, is a good possibility to move objects using only their minds, but it's a little complicated than that. First telekinesis is part of a wider group of skills called psychokinesis, there have teleportation, control magnetism and many others. Telekinesis also allows the form of objects or bend them with the mind, such as the always popular, bending spoons. Now, to develop telekinesis, you must be able to feel the energy of objects and living things first. When you can feel the energy, you can begin to learn to control them.

So now that we know what is telekinesis, let's try our exercises that I call Telekinesis for beginners, because it is essential to learn telekinesis. This will help develop your extra sensory perception skills, which is important. You need to focus on what we are working on the next day. First, close your eyes and imagine that the film blank screen before your eyes. Now think about what you expect to be working on the next day. You must see themselves doing those things, meeting those people and imagine ga in the head. You need to focus on the scents, sounds, sights, colors and dialogues. If you can manage to meditate, all the better, because during meditation we close our subconscious.

Do this for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, relax and open his eyes. Note what he will do in the notebook. Describe in your notebook how those events will take place exactly as you perceive it. Then the next day do the same exercise, but also you can compare with what you wrote in your notebook and what happened that day. When the Daily will develop your psychic muscle, so do for a while before trying everything that is related to telekinesis. By developing your psychic muscle, you can start trying to feel the energy around you, it will become much easier. When they passed this step, you can proceed to the next one.
If you want to know more, you can visit my page on Squidoo Telekinesis for Beginners, where I talk more in detail about telekinesis and provide a more exercise. I also talk about a nice book that I discovered on the subject