Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's No Secret; Teamwork Is Always The Key For Team Success

By Bart Icles

Teamwork is the key for every team's success. Sports teams need teamwork to get every victory and win the championship. Teamwork is needed at work when a group of people are working on a specific project. Teamwork is needed by the crew of a ship to be able to direct the ship to the right location safely. Teamwork among the directors, producers, actors, and technical staff is needed to come up with a successful movie. Teamwork among engineers, consultants, and the workers is needed when constructing a building. Even ants use teamwork when storing their food to keep for the rainy days.

In a team there is always the leader who oversees the entire operation of the group. He guides his team on how to achieve their goal and utilizes each of his members' skills to be able to do so. The leader himself should be technically competent and at the same time possess the leadership skills necessary to be able to instill teamwork among his team. He is the team's main man and everybody trusts and follows his lead.

There are also the members who do their part for the team. The members should be able to do the orders of the leader accordingly. They can also voice out their opinion and propose suggestions to the leader if there is a better way of doing things. Team members are as important for the team as the leader. Without people to follow the leaders' lead, the team won't be able to achieve its goals.

Teamwork is achieved when each member of a group plays a certain role for the team to be able to achieve its goal. The key elements in teamwork are leadership, well defined goals and objectives, communication, technical knowledge, and cooperation.

Leadership guides the team to the direction of their goal. The goals and objectives of the team define what the team is all about. Communication is important when relaying instructions while doing the task. Technical knowledge among the team is important since you cannot achieve something if you do not know how to do it in the first place. After all that, cooperation among the team is essential.

No matter if you are the leader, assistant leader, or an ordinary member, you should know your role and give your all in support of the team. You should put into heart what the team is all about and you should work hard for the team to be able to achieve its goal.

Teamwork has never gone out of style. No matter how hard the task ahead is, when teamwork is applied by the team, they can finish it.

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